At it Again

Nothing beats a fail but a try… right!?

wiley Coyote


Well, I sure Hope that’s Right!  I’m definitely a person created to inspire others. I would summarize my best gift as the gift of exhortation. I get the most joy when I see that I’ve sparked in someone, a dormant creativity or self confidence. I consider myself a “DO-er”, the ONLY problem with that is that I also consider myself to be a great strategist who isn’t so great with following through and seeing a project to the end. THIS is a problem.

This has been a downfall of mine for many years, until now! I will no longer be this incomplete person. I will rise to the calling and succeed at EVERYTHING I put my mind to do. I will not FAIL! I can do this. So can you. The power starts when we BELIEVE in ourselves. For so long I thought such negative things about myself, about my abilities and about who I was. That day is OVER! From this day forward.. I WIN!


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