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I had such an interesting discussion with a friend of mine today on his FB post. Have you ever just begun to have a discussion with someone and all you can do is say


We have this SAME discussion every year.” ???


I love my friend, I truly do but sometimes some discussions, I believe, are purely to get a “rise” out of people and to give the person who started the discussion, a platform to share all the wisdom and information they have gathered and feel good about themselves. I GET THAT! There is nothing wrong with sharing information.
1) Is what I’m saying edifying people?
2) Am I sharing to inform or am I sharing to build up my own ego? (let’s be real)
3) How does it make me feel each time I or a friend has a valid rebuttal? Does something rise up in me to PROVE my point?
4) Is what I’m sharing, provided with a spirit of humility and served in love?
We as believers in Christ, have to be examples of our faith. We are to be the epitome of the PURPOSE of Christ. Though our tactics and lifestyles may be different (Tattoo, no tattoos, Christmas celebration or not, Angel costume on Halloween or no costume, Pentecostal gospel music or a softer approach)
We celebrate and SHOW Jesus in our love toward others. We don’t lose or gain sainthood in our actions. Our actions don’t necessarily save us or condemn us. Our Love, our Faith, Our Belief in THE ONE that saves is what will warrant our actions. If we aren’t inwardly convicted by what we do and we do it IN LOVE, then I believe God is happy with us.
I don’t believe we need to point fingers at people, condemn people, correct people for choices that they freely make.
 BUT.. We don’t have to agree EITHER!
You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. - Unknown
When Jesus corrected, he did so in Love. Who are WE to tell someone what is right or wrong for them. We don’t know the ministry God has called them to. We don’t know what God is working out THROUGH their lives. God will USE everything for His Glory.
My job is to love on people. If someone asks my opinion, I can share what I believe God told ME to do or how he’s corrected my thoughts about something. If God wants them to change it, HE will convict them in their spirits First, NOT use YOU to make them feel an unholy guilt.  The enemy of God is the one that causes Guilt and Shame, he is the accuser. When God Corrects in Love you feel a desire to change because it just doesn’t feel right anymore.
CHECK YOUR HEART when you think you are correcting, informing or “just letting someone know.”
“Pride will always be the Longest Distance between two people.”- unknown
People will MISS the wisdom in what you say because your Pride is speaking so loudly
 A haughty heart is Prideful and “Pride goes before a fall.. “


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