Living Unshamed

Living our life in regret of past disappointments and bad decisions can really stifle our emotional, spiritual and mental growth.Eventually, I believe it begins to affect our physical being in one way or another. For so many years, I lived in regret and shame.

I’ve  been faced with some challenging situations that I believe, forced me to make some very difficult choices and I didn’t always make the best choice.


I was scared.FEAR (It literally makes me cringe internally) will cause us to make some quick, unwise, unadvised choices to promptly rid ourselves of the issue, or so we think. The thing about fear though, is that it’s irrational! Fear is False-Evidence Appearing Real. During taxing times, the information that we focus on is usually all the evidence that supports the worst case scenario. I choose to believe there is only one plan to step out from under the guilt and shame and that’s (1) facing reality, (2)owning our responsibility in the matter and (3)living unashamed after we’ve made amends.

We are not our choices. We are a divine design created for greatness.

We simply go through life and all it’s mountains and valleys to grow in maturity and become who we were designed to be. Even the symbol of our heartbeat’s vibration reflects the balance of life.

I think that through life we struggle with the balance of who we truly are and who we were raised to be. Most times they aren’t a direct reflection of one another and we strive through life to be this person that we are expected to be, instead of who we were created to be.

In TD Jake’s sermons and his book Instinct , He basically states that “Finding our destiny will ALWAYS disappoint people who have assigned us to theirs.” Knowing and embracing who you are and who you were designed to be gives you a confidence that produces in you an ability to conquer an otherwise assumed defeat. We have to take everything we learned, through disappointment, hurt, shameful choices, past regret as well as possible guilt and use that as fuel to our fire. We have to let that be our inspiration to do better and not allow it to overshadow the “Message in our Mess.”


Someone needs to hear your story. Be an Answer to someone’s question. Someone will be inspired by watching you. Someone’s life will be saved both figuratively and literally because of what you’ve been THROUGH and learned from. Live on Purpose. Live for Purpose. Live Unashamed!



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