“For you I will… ”

 I had to take a brief break from posting because I wasn’t inspired. I couldn’t just write something JUST to write it. I have to write my heart, so you can relate!


(To all you hoity-toity, stiff necked, believers out there, please don’t burn me at the stake for my prop pics- I’m still saved-LOL…)



So, now that I’ve got the disclaimers out the way,I can get back to sharing my day with you.

I have spent most of my day in worship just asking God to make my ears more keen. I’m talking so keen to his voice that I’m like a K-9, who can hear a pitch that only other K-9s can hear- I hope you’re following where I’m leading. I had to just continue in worship and in song because that’s what I was feeling but finally at 4:30pm I randomly start singing lyrics to an old favorite song of mine from one of my favorite artists, Monica-“For you I will”, when I was a teen. I LOVED this song and could picture myself as a teen, singing this song, trying to mimic her sound and even all of her facial movements and expressions. It really makes me giggle because if you were a fan, you understand EXACTLY what I mean. After I finish singing some of the lyrics, I stood still and realized that I hadn’t heard this song in YEARS and I certainly haven’t thought of it in about the same amount of time, so why and where in the world did that come from, I wonder.

THEN, it HITS me!

God is “wooing” me!

Oh MY Goodness! He truly is the Lover of my soul. He was speaking all of those lyrics to me!

WOW- me!

I know it’s not a “spiritual” or gospel song but I know beyond a SHADOW of a doubt that HE was speaking to me, what I needed MOST to hear and know! Trust that HE knows how to reach you “where” you are. He will use whatever necessary to get your attention. Sharpen your ears to be able to hear God IN everything, whether it be a billboard, a song on the radio, a tv commercial, someone’s conversation you overhear as you walk by. He is speaking to you ALL DAY, every day. He just wants us to listen. Today he told me” For YOU I will do WHATEVER it takes.”

He has no favorites, he will do the same for you! For YOU, HE WILL!


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